Jesus, Son of the Mother

June 6, 2022, Feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church 

Beauty way of Jesus is heart of Mother Mary.  He lived from her essence.  He is the true son of the Mother.  He lived the way of the heart, like her.  Open your heart like a rose.  Allow her to bloom you.  Mother Mary is presence of total love.  Her love waters dry earth.  Her love restores power to every open heart.  Her love opens the closed places.  Quest into the petals of the rose of your heart.  Peak into the center.  See Sophia love gushing there.  See only love.  Love, Love.  (message received through TAUK, The Art of Universal Knowing,  Dec. 7, 2020) 

I prayed, and prudence was given me; I pleaded, and the spirit of Sophia came to me.  I preferred her to scepter and throne, And deemed riches nothing in comparison with her, nor did I liken any priceless gem to her; Because all gold, in view of her, is a bit of sand, and before her, silver is to be accounted mire.   Beyond health and beauty I loved her, And I chose to have her rather than the light, because her radiance never ceases.  Yet all good things come to me with her, and countless riches at her hands; I rejoiced in them all, because Sophia is their leader, though I had not known that she is their mother.  Wisdom 7:7-12 (sometimes known as the Book of Solomon) 

~ ~ ~ 

The more I encounter the Living God in the person and spirit of Jesus, and the more I learn about the Goddess, the Great Cosmic Mother, the more I realize this Love is One and the same.  He told his disciples, nearing his death, that he must go, but that “I will ask the One who sent me to give you another Paraclete, another Helper to be with you always– the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot accept since the world neither sees her nor recognizes her; but you can recognize the Spirit because she remains with you and will be with you.”  (John 14:16-17, Inclusive Bible

The One Giver of Life, present at the beginning of Creation, continues to live and move and have Her being among us, today and all days, in the unconditional Love of Mother Sophia.   

Jesus is the son of the Mother– Mary of Nazareth, the human, yes.  But he is also the son of the Great Cosmic Mother of All Life– God Herself.  This makes him born of Her heart, made of Her flesh, and continuing to breath Her life in each of us.  

The arc of the life of one we call Christ makes so much sense in the context of the Mother, of the Divine Feminine way of Jesus.  Jesus of Nazareth, Christed, was misunderstood to the point of death.  Filled to overflowing with Sophia Spirit, His Way was radical– tender and true, utterly loving, listening to and lifting up of those most forgotten and outcast.  He was rooted in cycles and rhythms of the natural world and insistent on generous, emptying, intentional community that moved beyond the bounds of biological families and assumed loyalties.  He spoke and embodied the way of peace– nonviolent to the end.  He owned nothing and gave everything away.  He prayed and stayed and lived at one with his Creator.   His way was so different, and seemingly so “new.”  Yet really, it was an ancient way reclaimed.  Lived anew in an increasingly patriarchal world.  Centered completely.  The Way of the Goddess.  The way in the Oneness of night and day, darkness and light; sorrow and joy, disappointment and celebration; suffering and death, birth and life.  The Beauty Way where all is held, in love, without end, amen.  

He learned, of course, from the best– his mother Mary.  Her mother, Anna.  The women who gathered around him to support his ministry, the Magdalene, Joanna, Susanna, Mary and Martha, and so many unnamed others.  Lineages of priestesses tending the sacred way of the Mother Divine.  They named him brother and lover and friend, giving of themselves to support this man come to live publicly a way they’d known, privately, their entire lives, in the bosom of their womanhood and the inner caverns of the never-forgotten tree of life.    

They were daughters of the Mother as he was son of the Mother.  Salvation came through them– all the friends he gathered in sacred circle–  this community of love, living commitment to intimacy and belonging and the dignity of every being human without exception.  This propulsion in Spirit into the world– to continue to be the Christ love and light even when the embodiment of Love in the person of Jesus was no longer walking this earth.  

This is never more clear than in this week’s memorial of Pentecost– traditionally called the “birth of the Church.”  It was not the birth of hierarchy or institution.  It is the birth of the Church because it is the moment of reckoning, the awakening, the RISING of, through much struggle and hardship and death of the ego-self– of the True Self in communion in all the people of Goddess.  The awakening and living out of the fiery light and love of the Christ within, joining hands with all others radiating that brightest of lights.  A shared  aliveness, eagerness and joy that could not be contained– that spilled out of their hearts and out of that upper room and into the world longing for love.  Longing for a love without condition, without end, on earth as it is in heaven.  The love of the Mother, of Sophia Spirit’s generative unending fecundity in love.  

Christianity has failed to live up to its call for a long time now.  We have forgotten and buried this fiery, unitive, truly communal and shared aliveness, this font of transformative loving justice. I am beginning to wonder if it’s because we’ve forgotten, or intentionally been led astray from, the roots of this incredible being named Jesus.  We’ve forgotten that he is the Son of the Mother, of Goddess, of the One Spirit, Ruach, Sophia, who swept across the face of the earth at the very beginning of Life, and called all things into form from the depths of Her oceanic flow of Love.  The One who is the portal of life– body of earth, body of the Mother.  The One whose words he spoke, at that last meal with friends– “this is my body, this is my blood.”  The words every birthing and bleeding woman knows, that he certainly must have learned from his own Mother and all the women in his life– this is my body, given for you.  A constant emptying and self-gifting love that transforms us and propels us into the world.

Jesus is the font of life because he issued forth from the gushing fountain of the Mother of All Life and Love.  He came into this world on the waves of Her powerful consent, Her YES.  When we partake of him, speak of him, remember him, we ingest and become Her.  We are asked to embody Her beauty way in this world.  We are asked to be and become, each day, more and more, Her love in a world filled with longing, thirsty for Her Life.  

Erin Duffy-Burke (M.Ed, MA, MAMC) is a catholic priestess of Sophia Christ. The reclamation and restoration of the Divine Feminine and the love of the Mother in the Christian lineage is her life’s calling. You can learn more about her work at and You can donate to this theAlogy and writing at

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